Monday, June 18, 2012

A method for posting comments

Hello hypothetical readers,

A (possibly) innovative way of posting comments to my blog presented itself in place of the usual forms. My idea is to urge you to create a blog of your own--a surprisingly easy task--by whatever means you see fit (though, I must say Google has done a wonderful job with this blog platform...). In this new private blog of your own you can create a comment to one of my posts and then link to it. I will then see your link (after you or someone else clicks it) in my stats and, assuming it is at all relevant or interesting, will likely respond with a comment and link in turn.

I like this idea for a few reasons. First, it reminds me of the old school process of writing letters, journal articles, or books in such a way that they create a dialogue among peers, but in a contemporary context. Second, or furthermore, blogs of relevant dialogue will begin to create a mutually supporting network or interface of connections, readers, and topics. Third, everyone's blog is still independent and can be edited, adapted, etc. at their own discretion, which leads to... Fourth, there's a sort of evolutionary progression as the useless bloggers (and those that would issue spam, etc.) are filtered out from the network as well as from each others individual blogs. I should also add... Fifth, down the road (or now), a bit of relevant advertising could help sustain our dialogue (and bellies).

Now, the wisest among you might say... "But Mike, this is already the role of blogs and the internet at large!" And I most heartily agree. However, the difference and distinction (despite, obviously, removing a comment box) is that we (or at least I) are (am) now consciously and deliberately operating in this framework. I comment so as to create links to the people I deem significant as well as the networks they support and others do the same for me.

Thus, I must add, O Bloggers, by commenting (i.e., linking) you are buying, my fellow consumers. Not necessarily a product you can set on your dresser, eat, or otherwise materially enjoy. No. You are buying future posts, peers, and networks of the same quality.

Buyer beware.